Things to do in Tuscany

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Culinary Tours

A trip with Chef Squire is first and foremost about experiencing the food and wine of the Tuscan region. Each day Chris will prepare a continental style breakfast (No, not the continental breakfast your thinking of) with international newspapers included.

Lunch is available informally (this means that there’s always food in the refrigerator), and Chef Squire will prepare afternoon Antipasti with cocktails. You can expect a full dinner for 5 nights. Menus are created by Chef Squire and are determined based on market availability and guests interests, with the option of cooking lessons.

As a guest you are free to be as involved or uninvolved in the menu design, shopping and cooking process as possible. Often travellers will come to the Villa with Chef Squire and not step into the kitchen at all, while other times guests are in the kitchen working side by side with Chef Squire.

Chef Squire is also anxious to take guests on tours of local wineries, markets, restaurants and other Tuscan food destinations. How much of this you choose to take part in is simply up to you. Let your senses guide you.


Other Things to do in Tuscany

Tuscany is an area that is vibrant, yet relaxed. There is much to do aside from just eating and drinking your way through the countryside, although for some that’s all it takes. Chef Squire has made connections with a number of different local business owners and winemakers and is more than happy to recommend and coordinate activities to keep you busy throughout your trip. Below are a sample of the types of things available during your stay with Chef Squire at Villa Al Boschiglia. Don’t hesitate to contact Chef Squire about additional activities at any time, there is so much to do in the region and the below is merely a snapshot at some of the things travellers have enjoyed doing in the past.

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Wine Tasting

The cost for the week at Villa Al Boschiglia includes wine with meals. Chef Squire buys by the case and selects wines from different regions of Tuscany for each meal. If requested, he will organize a wine tasting during one of the group meals. Tasting sessions are conducted by a member of the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS). If you’ve ever wanted to try a few super Tuscan’s and the emerging wines of Sicily, this is your chance. Cost varies depending on wines chosen but ranges from 30 to 50 euros per person including the cost for the professional sommelier.

These are fun, enlightening sessions and a great learning experience of Tuscan wines. Local wines from Lucca, Chianti wines such as Antinori’s Chianti Classico, Solaia, Tignanellos, etc or the incredible wines that are now coming out of Bolgheri such as Grattamacco, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Guado al Tasso. Let Chef Squire know which wines interest you and he’ll put together a program and provide a clear cost guide.

The Villa comes equipped with four bicycles. Bicycles may also be rented in Lucca for a cycling tour of the city. The high walls surrounding Lucca make a wonderful way to spend an afternoon on a bicycle. The paths are paved and riding on top of the walls – yes, they are 40-50 feet wide in places – is a very common thing. It is an experience much unlike anything else you’ll experience, a small old-world town on one side, and the sprawling countryside on the outside, all separated by a centuries old wall that you can spend your afternoon atop.

Tour a Working Vineyard


The highest of the Tuscan hill towns, is stunningly beautiful, full of vistas, odd squares and corners, and endowed with dozens of Renaissance Palazzi and Churches. The town is wealthy today from it’s wine industry, based on the famed Vin Nobile, and maintains a low tourist profile.


The approach to Montalcino winds uphill through a sea of vineyards. Here flourish the San Giovese Grosso grapes that make the famous Brunello di Montalcino. The architecture may recal Sienna but the numerous enoteche selling Brunello constantly remind that this is the city that gives the coveted wine it’s name.


The Abbey of Sant’ Antimo is located a short walk from the medieval hamlet of Castelnuovo dell’ Abate and sits splendidly isolated and unspoilt in a timeless landscape of fields, olive groves, and wooded hills. The abbey is maintained by a small group of French monks who celebrate Mass several times daily in haunting Gregorian chant.

Lucca is the place. Luccanese pride themselves on their sense of style and fashion and the town is full of wonderful shops for food, wine, clothing and leather. Most Italian designers have stores in the city. Jump in on the evening passeggiata and take a stroll down the the high end streets of Via Fillungo, Via Santa Lucia or Via Buia to see some of the chic designers of clothing, leather, jewellery, watches and silver. Look for the Luccanese, their stylish attire will make them easy to spot. 
Getting Around
If you plan on spending several days touring Tuscany, renting a car for the week is recommended. Lucca is the hub of a broad transportation network covering all of the northwest. The Versilian coast is extremely accessible with both buses and trains constantly shuttling passengers to the coast. The train routes offer a perfect opportunity for a circular tour up the coast, then changing at Aulla for a trip down through Lunigiana and Garfagnana, on the east side of the Apuane. If all you want to do is scan scenery, it is easily done in a day. Though be warned – driving in Italy is not like driving in North America.
There is the Teatro Giglio in Lucca. Tickets range from $25.00CND to $60.00CND and there are a variety of performances from Opera and Ballet to Drama and even Theatre workshops (only done in Italian) available for those looking for a foray into the arts.  
A local masseuse who will come out to the Villa as and when required. A few minutes drive to the east of the villa is an area known as the Valdinievole (Valley of Mists), a region of subterranean streams and springs that now harbours one of Italy’s main concentrations of spa towns. No spa in Italy has a glossier reputation than Montecatini Terme, as can be gauged from the fact that the likes of Gucci and Gianfranco Ferre find it profitable to have a branch here. We can arrange spa visits for you.
There are two 18 hole golf courses within easy drive as well as a local driving range.
There is an equestrian centre next door at the Villa Controni and riding lessons are available.