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Experience True Italian Flavour with Guided Culinary Tours in Tuscany

With Chef Squire, Tuscany is everything you have imagined and much more. Luxurious accommodations at the recently restored Villa Al Boschiglia. Imaginative meals conjured by Chris from fresh local ingredients. Companions who share your love of all things Tuscan.  A guided tour of the incredible Cinque Terre, be sure to take advantage of it!  It’s a week of complete indulgence and exquisite pleasure; a memory that will refresh you for years to come.

What You’ll Experience


Food, wine, history and pure indulgence. Culinary tours are structured around what you want to see, eat and do. Chef Squire is an expert on the area surrounding Lucca, and is happy to fully envelope you in true Italian culture with trips to wineries, markets, restaurants and roads less travelled by the average tourist. In addition to tours around the area of Lucca, Chef Squire is happy to help you plan day trips to surrounding cities and regions of Italy. Whether your looking for a week of relaxation, or a full commitment to all the gastronomic pleasures of Tuscany, Chef Squire can custom tailor a culinary tour to fit what you’re looking for.
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What You’ll Do

What to do in Tuscany

Tuscan people are driven by an insatiable appetite for classically executed gastronomy. The spectacular growing conditions and long-seeded agricultural history make Tuscany a place where people come to experience freshness from around the world. Chef Squire is a veteran of the area and has committed years to exploring and researching the food and wine of Tuscany. He is eager to take travellers on a comprehensive tour of the area, and the food and wine that have inspired his career for more than 25 years. Tuscany is not short of things to see or things to do. Come and see for yourself the beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and inviting culture.
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What You’ll Eat


Most of the world is at least somewhat familiar with Italian cuisine. Cultures around the globe have embraced the simplicity, approachability and downright deliciousness of Italian food for centuries, but the food of tuscany has not always sparkled in the spotlight in quite the same way. Outside of Tuscany, gastronomes have long praised the world class wine regions of Chianti, Brunello, and Montepulciano, and have always classified the Olive Oils of Tuscany as among the best in the world – leaving the food of Tuscany in the shadows. As the birthplace of Pecorino Cheese, Tuscan Ham and arguably Italy’s richest agricultural region, you will experience the best that Italy has to offer.
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Where You’ll Go

Chef Chris Squire | Culinary Tours

For more than 10 years, Chef Squire has lead hungry travellers on tours of Tuscany. His research and experience in the area have found him returning to the well-preserved town of Lucca, and more specifically to Villa Al Boschiglia, a 17th century Tuscan Villa located just ten minutes outside of Lucca. Lucca is an ancient Tuscan town that encompasses all that defines Tuscany. Situated along the river Serchio, and a short drive from Italy’s west coast and the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Lucca is the perfect location for a traveller to connect with the land, the sea, the people, and all else that define Tuscany. The area is rich in culture, food, wine and breathtaking scenery that will inspire, relax, and delight the senses.
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Accommodations are arranged by Chef Squire at the newly renovated Villa Al Boschiglia. The Villa is the epitome of Tuscan living and provides a relaxed and luxurious environment to swim, sunbathe, relax, cook, and most of all – be cooked for. Chef Squire has used the Villa as his home base in Tuscany for more than 10 years.


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What’s included

  • 7 nights luxury accommodation at Villa Al Boschiglia (double and single occupancy available)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Continental style breakfast every morning, international newspapers included
  • Lunch available informally (this means that there’s always food in the refrigerator)
  • Afternoon antipasti with cocktails
  • Full Dinner 5 nights (menus are determined by market availability and guest’s interests) with the option of cooking lessons.
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