Biography of Chris Squire

Chef Chris Squire’s Story.

A half-hearted or profit-driven approach to cooking may produce palatable meals. But it takes a kind of fanaticism to create food that delights, with delicate blendings of flavour, texture and colour that linger in the memory. Chris Squire has had that passion ever since he started working in a London, Ontario restaurant in 1971.

At the renowned Auberge du Petit Prince, he worked his way up to prep cook and assistant while completing degrees in Anthropology and Education at the University of Western Ontario. In 1976, he bought the restaurant and quickly established a reputation for innovative French cooking with fresh regional ingredients. The Auberge received a coveted two-star rating from Anne Hardy in the Where to Eat in Canada Guide. Hardy described Chris as young, effervescent, brilliant, and commented that “…the more complex the dish, the better his cooking.” By 1997, Chris was ready for new experiences.

He closed The Auberge and began writing a column on the joys of food for a local newspaper. Today, Chris is the Executive Chef at Redtail Golf Course, Chef-in-Residence at London, Ontario kitchen shop, Kiss the Cook, and owner of his own private catering company. His newest venture is European Villa holidays hosted and catered by Chef Chris Squire.